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Associate - Systems Operations on AWS
Rp. 12,600,000
Intermediate 3 Day 15 Student

Rp. 12,600,000

Associate - Systems Operations on AWS

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Certification - Systems Operations on AWS
Rp. 2,640,000

Course overview

Level:                    Intermediate
Type:                     Classroom
Language:            English
Length:                  3 days

General Description: 

  • This course teaches systems operators and anyone performing system operations functions how to install, configure, automate, monitor, secure, maintain, and troubleshoot the services, networks, and systems on AWS necessary to support business applications. The course also covers specific AWS features, tools, and best practices related to these functions.

What you'll learn

  • Automate resource deployment using AWS services such as AWS CloudFormation and AWS Service Catalog
  • Use AWS services to manage AWS resources through SysOps lifecycle processes such as deployments and patches
  • Use Amazon CloudWatch and associated features such as alarms, dashboards, and widgets to monitor your cloud environment
  • Manage permissions and track activity in your cloud environment using AWS services such as AWS CloudTrail and AWS Config
  • And much more

Who should take this course

  • System administrators and operators who are operating in the AWS Cloud
  • IT workers who want to increase their systems operations knowledge

What experience you'll need

  • Successfully completed the 


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