Terms & Condition

Registration: To register for an AWS certification exam, you must provide accurate and complete information about yourself, including your name, email address, and payment information. You must also agree to the terms and conditions of the exam.

Payment: You must pay the required exam fee at the time of registration. The fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Eligibility: You must meet the eligibility requirements for the exam you are taking. This may include having certain qualifications or work experience.

Exam content: The content of each AWS certification exam is confidential and may not be disclosed or discussed with others. You may not copy, reproduce, or distribute any exam content.

Exam results: Exam results are final and cannot be appealed. AWS will not disclose the specific reasons for exam results.

Certification validity: Your AWS certification is valid for three years from the date of issuance. After three years, you must recertify to maintain your certification.

Certification revocation: AWS may revoke your certification if it is found that you have violated any of the terms and conditions of the certification program or engaged in any unethical or illegal behavior.

Personal information: AWS will collect and use your personal information for the purposes of administering the certification program and providing related services. AWS will not share your personal information with third parties except as necessary to provide the certification services.

Modifications: AWS may modify the terms and conditions of the certification program at any time, without prior notice. It is your responsibility to review the terms and conditions regularly for any changes.

Governing law: The terms and conditions of the certification program are governed by the laws of the state or country where the exam is taken. Any disputes arising from or related to the certification program will be resolved in accordance with the applicable laws.